Monday, August 15, 2016

Mary Stewart for SEIU 503 Statewide Election 2016

Mary Stewart for
SEIU 503 Statewide Secretary-Treasurer in 2016

Serving and Representing Members:

General Council Delegate:  2010, 2012, 2014, 2016

CAPE Statewide Secretary:  2012-current

Central Table Member:   2013, Co-chair 2015

Specials Coalition:  2011, Co-Chair; 2013 & 2015

Arbitration Screening Panel:  2010-current

President Revenue Local 150:  2014-current

Acting Chief Steward;  2015-current

Union Steward:  2009 to current,

Revenue JLMC Rep/Labor Chair:  2013-2016

Labor Ed. Resource Center ULead Graduate 2015 

As your Secretary-Treasurer I’ll:
*         Commit to continuing to work for and represent every member,
*         Answer your questions-tell your stories,
*         Watch over your dues and report on union financials,
*         Be collaborative in reaching solutions-goals,   
*         Work to promote the goals and mission of the Union,
As your Secretary-Treasurer I support:
*         Greater strength through improved transparency and trust,
*         A union which is representative for all members,
*         Social justice issues benefiting all,
*         Making our union more inclusive & promoting new leaders, and
*         Never ceasing the fight for better work-places, member rights and contracts

As Labor Unions continue under attack, I’ll fight against:
*         Corporate-dark money in politics and its sources
*        Unfair voter restrictions and those seeking to buy elections

Additional Qualifications:
30+ years in accounting, banking, credit &Tax
9 years Tax Auditor – Department of Revenue
Linda Burgin
Past President-SEIU 503
Past Secretary–Treasurer-SEIU 503

Barbara Casey
Past Secretary–Treasurer-SEIU 503
Past Treasurer-SEIU 503 CAPE Council

Mike Scott
Vice President-SEIU 503
President-ODOT 730

Rhonda Morgan / Wayne Ground
President-DHS/OHA / Treasurer-DHS/OHA

Kathleen Lamar

Blake Whitson
President-Dept. of Education

Noel Magee
Dept. Fish & Wildlife-Central Table

Austin Folnagy
Treasurer-SEIU CAPE Council
Dept. Business & Employment

Ann Montague
Past Chair Lavender Caucus

John Taylor
Chief Steward-University of Oregon

To those who pledged to vote for me –
Thank You All !!

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