Tuesday, March 4, 2014

War vs. Diplomacy: Uncovering the Real Debate in Washington

“War vs. Diplomacy: Uncovering the Real Debate in Washington”
The Lane Peace Center and Community Alliance of Lane County are co-sponsoring a forum featuring Phyllis Bennis on “War vs. Diplomacy: Uncovering the Real Debate in Washington”, Thursday, March 6th, 7 pm, at the Lane Community College (LCC) Downtown Center, 101 W. 10th Ave in Eugene (Oregon).
The forum will open with a live stream presentation from Washington D.C. by Phyllis Bennis. Bennis is a Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies, where she directs the New Internationalism Project. She will emphasize that instead of rushing to war, we can choose to make diplomacy work. http://www.ips-dc.org/staff/phyllis
Stan Taylor, Director, LCC Peace Center and Jane Cramer, Associate Professor, UO Political Science Dept. will lead a discussion with Ms. Bennis after her talk.
The event will be live streamed at: http://www.lanecc.edu/it/media/live-streaming
You are invited to attend in person or by live stream. The event is free but donations will be accepted to help pay for the event.
Sponsors: Community Alliance of Lane County, Lane Peace Center, WAND, Veteran’s for Peace, U of O Political Science Department, U of O International Studies Department.
To request disability-related accommodations that will facilitate your full participation in this event (such as Sign Language interpreting, Braille, electronic text, visual describer), please contact Disability Resources at least one week in advance: (541) 463-5150 (voice); 711 (relay); Building 1, 218; or disabilityresources@lanecc.edu


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