Sunday, January 29, 2017

Did Uber drivers scab against the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, break solidarity to support immigrants? Please consider dropping your Uber account and/or protesting. AND please check out the peoples' victory in fighting Uber and Trump!

From social media:

“The ride-hailing app is being accused of profiting from a strike by New York’s taxi drivers that took place yesterday evening.

Drivers from the New York Taxi Workers Alliance refused to pick up airport passengers between 6pm and 7pm in protest as protesters joined together against Trump’s ban inside John F. Kennedy International Airport.

But people said Uber continued offering rides to and from JFK despite the strike and even switched off their surge pricing, which is usually put on when demand is high.

In response, hundreds of people are now using the hashtag #DeleteUber to protest against the app and have also accused the company’s CEO of collaborating with the new US president.”

“I Don’t Need a Ride to Vichy”

AND...please see this article about a peoples' victory in taking on Uber and Trump!

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