Thursday, July 27, 2017

Defend Academic And Union Freedoms---Defend Dr. Georgette Fleischer!

Last September, Georgette Fleischer, one of the leaders of a long fight to organize contingent faculty at Barnard College, wrote an article for the Labor And Working-Class History Association's LaborOnline detailing the struggle and explaining why the new union, UAW Local 2210, had voted to strike. After winning an NLRB election with 91% support, the union had spent a year trying to get the administration to bargain. The strike threat did the trick. In April, Barnard's contingent faculty union signed its first contract.

But the story didn't end there. In June, Dr. Fleischer learned that she had been fired. After 17 years of teaching in the College’s First-Year Foundation programs, she was out. This is an outrage and the union is asking for support while it fights what looks like a classic case of retaliation for union activism.

There are several ways we can support Dr. Fleischer, most importantly with letters to:

President Sian Beilock
Barnard College
New York, NY 10027

Also, please visit and leave a comment or like the UAW Local 2110 Facebook page, read a helpful article about Dr. Fleischer's case here, and check out this important Facebook entry from last year on the case.

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