Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Oregon superdelegate explains why he'll vote for Bernie---and a link to the Democratic Party of Oregon Program

A statement from Larry Taylor passed on us by Michael Munk:

I am one of Oregon’s Democratic National Committee members and therefore one of the 13 unpledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention in July. The Democratic Party is fortunate to have two extraordinary presidential candidates from which to choose. I turned in my ballot two weeks ago, which was my personal vote. I do not believe that my vote as an unpledged delegate should invalidate thousands of votes cast by Oregon democrats in this primary. Therefore, to help insure that the Oregon delegation more closely reflects the preference of Oregon Democrats, tonight I pledge my vote to Senator Bernie Sanders. I especially want those who are voting for the first time to know that your vote is represented in this election. Earlier this year, we updated the platform of the Democratic Party of Oregon. If you read the document, you will find nearly complete alignment between Oregon Democrats and Senator Sanders. I have complete confidence that if Senator Sanders is the Democratic Nominee, he will stand firm on his progressive values as we head into the general election. I am honored to join Senator Jeff Merkley and my fellow DNC member Lupita Maurer in supporting Senator Sanders at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. I hope everyone becomes active in their county and state Democratic Party Organizations. In the coming months, they all well be electing officers. The Democratic Party of Oregon will be electing Democratic National Committee members in November 2016, and will be electing officers in March of 2017. Become a delegate to the State Central Committee thru your county organization so you can vote and make the change you want happen! Thanks!

The program referred to above can be found here.

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