Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"As a gender variant person who grew up in Oregon..."---A response to “Hiding the Tears in My Eyes – BOYS DON’T CRY – A Legacy” by Jack Halberstam

We recently encountered the controversial and important article “Hiding the Tears in My Eyes – BOYS DON’T CRY – A Legacy” by Jack Halberstam. The piece has an Oregon connection, as readers will see. We're still reading the article and thinking about it, but a friend, Charlie Stephens, a teacher in public high school in California, sent in this response:

As a gender variant person who grew up in Oregon and was close to Brandon's age when he was murdered, I am complete agreement with every point that Jack Halberstam made. While I can appreciate the passion the protesters have for this topic, their focus is uneducated, devoid of historical context, and misplaced. We live in an overwhelming world where more than ever, we need to be strategic about picking our battles, taking the time to really uncover the truth of any given situation before reacting, and when we do react, do so in a way that is powerful, inclusive and holds true to our values. Scaring a queer filmmaker off campus, with intensely sexist language, speaks to a terrifying reality of contradictions. I'm confused and disturbed by the college protesters' strategy, unwillingness to be in dialogue with Kim Pierce, and ultimate goals. If they just wanted to isolate and terrify a queer person, then they have succeeded.

If other Oregon readers who are especially close to the issues raised in the article have other views, please send them in. Thanks!

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