Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Building Towards A Mass Rally & March Against Trump In Portland On January 21

The following resolution was passed by the Oregon AFL-CIO Executive Board last Friday.  Labor activists are pulling together an action, probably a rally and march on January 21 to merge with the Portland Women's March. Thanks to Jamie Partridge for passing it on!

Resolution: United Front Against the Trump Agenda

Whereas: The election of Donald Trump is dangerous for all working people, especially immigrants, people of color, women, and LGBTQ people, and
Whereas: A president Donald Trump, coupled with Republican control of the House and Senate, raises the very real possibility of 
a.         national anti-worker legislation, which would decimate labor unions,
b.         a  Supreme Court friendly to another “Friedrichs” type attack on public  and private sector unions,
c.          an employer-friendly National Labor Relations Board which could reverse the gains of the last several decades,
d.         an anti-union, anti-worker Department of Labor
e.         the deportation of millions of undocumented workers,
f.          the exclusion, surveillance, profiling and incarceration of our Muslim brothers and sisters,
g.         major restrictions on women’s reproductive rights
h.         the return of anti-LGBTQ laws,
i.           the increased intimidation and assaults on our most vulnerable members by racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic predators, and
Whereas: Spontaneous protests have erupted across the country immediately following the Trump election, and
Whereas: Many national and local student, labor and community groups are planning for massive protests on the weekend of Trump’s Inauguration, January 20-22, and
Whereas: A united front of all those threatened by the Trump presidency will be needed to defend each, therefore be it
Resolved: that  Oregon AFL-CIO pledges to encourage its affiliates to join with other labor unions for local protest actions on Inauguration weekend, and be it finally 
Resolved: that Oregon AFL-CIO will forward this resolution to its affiliates and allies, recommending they join Inauguration weekend actions as well.

Adopted, as amended, by Oregon AFL-CIO Executive Committee on 12/2/16

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