Saturday, December 3, 2016

Working-class life in Oregon: A graphic from the Daily Kos archive and a few facts on Oregon's economy

All of the following stats come from recent Oregon Employment Department reports.

  • Firefighters: roughly 3,800 firefighters work in Oregon.
  • Police officers: Oregon has 5,200 police and sheriff’s patrol officers.
  • Doctors: about 65,700 health care diagnosing and treating practitioners were employed statewide.
  • Veterinarians: we have 1,420 veterinarians in the state.
  • Chefs: about 1,600 chefs and head cooks work in Oregon. 
  • Construction workers: 70,500 construction trades workers were employed in 2014.
  • In Oregon, there were 122 sewing, needlework and piece goods establishments in 2015.

Concrete figures on which Oregon jobs pay near-minimum wage.

There are four occupations that employ more than 15,000 workers at wages below $10 per hour: fast food prep and serving workers, waiters and waitresses, cashiers, and retail salespersons.

The top 20 occupations with the greatest numbers of jobs below $10 per hour account for two-thirds of the lowest wage jobs. Together these occupations employ about 133,000 workers at hourly wages below $10 per hour.

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