Sunday, January 8, 2017

Burgerville Workers Need Our Solidarity!

Attention supporters: On Thursday, long time union member Jordan was working his usual opening shift. It was a busy morning and when he went on his break, his manager made him a bagel and cream cheese and handed it to him. Jordan sat down and ate the bagel. In all the rush, he forgot to pay. Instead of letting him know about his mistake in the moment or later on that day, his managers kept silent. The next day, Jordan was informed by his managers that he was suspended effective immediately because he 'violated company policy' by forgetting to pay 70 cents for his bagel. He was forced to go home early and therefore lost 5 hours of work. The manager who gave Jordan the sandwich in question without ringing him up has received no disciplinary action.

This is an obvious case of retaliation for union organizing and basic disrespect. It is unacceptable.

Please join us in calling the Vancouver Plaza Burgerville (360-944-6230) and let them know that you stand with Jordan! And that we demand that they immediately end Jordan's suspension and to compensate him for hours he was forced to miss.

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