Monday, January 2, 2017


Corvallis area citizens, activists, social justice and environmental groups, service organizations, people of faith, families and students are invited to take part in "FRIDAY JAN 20, INAUGURATE SOCIAL & ECO JUSTICE!" *Rise* *Love* *Resist* *Create*

This community and family-oriented event will include a March, Rally, and end with a Community Gathering -- location TBA, where folks can drink hot cider, share stories, talk to community organizers, and get involved in future events. Exact start and end times are also TBA.

We are asking artists, musicians, performers and activists to bring their imagination and creativity to this collective action! We intend our March to be BRIGHT, BOLD, NOISY, JOYFUL, AND POWERFUL!!

The event is planned to begin at OSU’s SEC Plaza around late afternoon on Inauguration Day, Friday, Jan 20.

We are pushing back against the politics of fear and instead wish to convey that:

1- we are an inviting, inclusive and welcoming city,
2 - we intend to protect ourselves, our neighbors, and our natural environment, and
3 - that we are building the community and the Oregon we want for all.

In order to do so, WE must Rise. WE must Resist. WE must Love. WE must Create.

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