Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Friends in San Francisco---Please Vote For Marilyn Murrillo! And Friends In Oregon---Why Don't We Have Such A Great Candidate Here?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (12/29)- Now more than ever we need to stand up for Equality, Social Justice, Effective Government, Transgender Rights and LGBTQ Equality in California. My name is Marilyn Murrillo and I am a Hispanic Transgender Woman active in our Community. I ask for your vote for California State Assemblyl District (AD) 17 Delegate and Executive Board Representative because I want to help make sure that transparency and equality are upheld in our political process. One of the most important issues facing San Francisco and California is lack of Affordable Housing. I support building more Affordable Housing and Streamlined Housing Assistance so people in our community can more easily obtain information and access Available Affordable Housing, Housing Wait Lists, and Housing Services. We need to advocate for our most vulnerable members of our communities and support an increased Audit, Accessibility and Outreach to providing services to people seeking Housing Assistance and build more housing Now. The people deserve fair and equal representation. Working with people of all political viewpoints to achieve the best outcome for our Community is my goal. Community involvement is essential and I am an active member of the board of directors of Tenderloin Tessie Holiday Dinners, a local non-profit organization helping the disadvantaged in our community.

Come enjoy Free coffee and danish beginning at 8:30 am, Please come early and support your Community - Come Vote for Marilyn Murrillo for California Assembly District (AD) 17 Delegate and Executive Board Representative on Sunday, January 8 from 10 am to 12:30 pm at Local 261 International Laborers Union Hall, 3271 18th St (corner of 18th St and Shotwell St) San Francisco, CA 94110. Democrats will elect more than 1,000 delegates in meetings across the state in January; they will attend our Convention, endorse candidates for governor, congress and other offices in 2018, and inspire more people to vote. In San Francisco’s Assembly District (AD) 17, we will elect 7 women and 7 male Delegates and one Executive Board Representative. I ask for your vote in my campaign to be your elected California Assembly District (AD) 17 Delegate and Executive Board Representative.

I am actively engaged in local politics seeking to create and maintain Equality, Social Justice, Racial Justice, LGBTQ Equality, Educational Advancement and Attainment, Environmental Justice, and Transgender Rights. As a doctoral candidate in the Educational Administration and Leadership Ed.D. program at the University of the Pacific's Benerd School of Education, I understand the importance of educational opportunities for all and free access to community college will help educate and advance our diverse communities. I look forward to working together with delegates and elected officials to achieve justice for all our diverse communities. I ask for your vote for California Assembly District (AD) 17 Delegate and Executive Board Representative.

I am endorsed by:

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez
Assemblymember Tom Ammiano (retired)
Supervisor Harry Britt (retired)
Dr. Amy Bacharach 艾米巴卡拉克博士, City College of San Francisco Trustee
Myrna Melgar, San Francisco Planning Commissioner *
Vince Courtney, San Francisco Water, Power, Sewer (SFPUC) Commissioner*, Member - San Francisco Labor Council Executive Committee*
Jim Salinas Sr, Former Executive Officer San Francisco Carpenters Union*, Former San Francisco Police Commissioner*
Joni Eisen, immediate past president, Potrero Hill Democratic Club*
Eduardo Eddie Ramirez, Veteran/Community Leader
Angela Ramirez Ardon, Community Leader
Barbra Casbar Siperstein, Member - Democratic National
Committee Executive Committee*, Director - GRAANJ (Gender
Rights Advocacy Association of NJ)*
Steven Ice, Delegate to the San Francisco Labor Council*
Lola Casanova, Executive Member at SEIU Local 1000 - Latina/Latino Committee*
Lee Houskeeper, Community Leader
Sigrid Irias, Community Leader
Susan Horsfall, Community Leader
Diana Wheeler, Community Leader
Richard Padilla, Community Leader
Jose Ricardo Bondoc, Chief Editor/Owner at Sfnewsfeed.us
Pam Benjamin, Director of Mutiny Radio www.mutinyradio.fm
Ben Becker, 2016 Elected Delegate to the Democratic National Convention*
Claire Lau, Community Leader
Joshua Arce, Community Leader
Michael David Nolan, Community Leader
Brian Webster, Community Organizer
Veronika Fimbres, Community Leader
Tracy Brown-Gallardo, President of Mission Democratic Club*
Rufus Watkins, Community Leader
Armand D. Domalewski, Community Leader
Jorge Luis Garcia, Community Leader
David Villa-Lobos, Community Leader
Michael J. Gagne, Community Leader
Grand Duchess Collette LeGrande-Ashton*
Milton Martin, Community Leader
Sable Jones, Community Leader
Roberto Y. Hernandez, Community Leader
Jack Song, Community Leader
Maria Navarro, Community Leader
Marcial Gonzalez, Community Leader
Samuel Harrison, Community Leader
Jonathan Garcia, Community Leader
Joe Landini, Community Leader
Michael Fullam, Activist/Community Leader
David Tejeda, Community Leader
Wendolyn Aragon, Community Leader
Dani Castro, Community Leader
Amy Farah Weiss, Community Leader
Anne Cervantes, Community Leader
Antonio Montesinos, Community Leader
Pepe Rodriguez, Community Leader
Mark Hankins Jr., Community Leader
Sandra Sandy Manning, Community Leader
Judith Bolker, Community Leader
Isabel Gutierrez, Community Leader
Alejandro Flagger, Community Leader
Alex U. Inn, Owner/Founder at KINGDOM! Drag King Club*
Ross Neville, Owner of Bruno Hair Design*
Cynthia Crenshaw, Peer Counselor at Central City SRO Collaborative*
Lenore Chinn, Community Leader
Tyra Fennell, Community Leader
Linda Ostrom, Community Leader
Chris Ostrom, Community Leader
Jim Valent, Community Leader
Denise Gindoy, Community Leader
Martha Anne Vielle, Community Leader
Anica Leon-Weil, Community Leader
Ehra Amaya, Community Leader
Sadie Ladie, Community Leader
Sisounthone Sihapanya, Community Leader
Vanessa Bousay, Community Leader
Mary Wannah, Community Leader
Nic Hunter, Community Leader
Ralfka Gonzalez, Artist
Hanna Rose Stangebye, Artist
Jonathon Deason
Jeromy Meyer
Ramiro Caceres
Octavio Duarte Amort
Post Alexander
Ellen Robinson
Mando Daniel
Ray Romero Whidden
Sarah Firman
Emma Gabriel
Julie Sinclair
Chris Robb
Anna Branzuela
Alisha Byrd
Shayna Lynn Ghram-Kaiser
Brenda Barros
Robin Irizarry
Jerry Rosenblum
Josh Wolf

*Titles listed for identification purposes only.

I ask for your vote for California Assembly District (AD) 17 Delegate and Executive Board Representative on Sunday, January 8 from 10 am to 12:30 pm at Local 261 International Laborers Union Hall, 3271 18th St (corner of 18th St and Shotwell St) San Francisco, CA 94110.

Thank you!

Marilyn Murrillo

Marilyn is also associated with Democratic Socialists of America.

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