Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Salem City Councilperson Daniel Benjamin Must Resign!

This letter has been sent to Salem City Councilperson Daniel Benjamin by the local branch of the NAACP:

November 23, 2016

Councilor Daniel Benjamin,

We demand that you resign from your position as Salem City Councilor. Your action posting a blatantly outrageous and racist video on your Facebook page demonstrates your lack of fitness to serve as a representative of the people of Salem. No one could conceive of images of Black people being intentionally mowed down in the street by cars as anything other than racist. This is not a joke, especially given the history and current reality of violence experienced by Black Americans and people of color.
            You have also posted on your Facebook page a virulently racist anti-Muslim tirade. This is yet more evidence that you have no intention of serving all the people of Salem.
            Salem must be a welcoming city for all people. A welcoming city does not have a city councilor who would so callously and violently demean entire groups of its residents.
            This is not just a matter you can claim as private because these were on your personal Facebook page. You are a public official, and the public has every right to hold you personally accountable for circulating a racist hate video and a racist post no matter whether they were on a private or a public page.
            This letter is signed by organizations representing people of color in Salem and white allies in the quest for Racial Justice in our city.
Pastor Marilyn Williams, Benny Williams; Salem Keizer NAACP
Annalivia Palazzo-Angulo; Salem Keizer Coalition for Equality
Andrea Williams; Causa
Levi Herrera-Lopez; Mano a Mano Family Center
Salem Islamic Center
John Scott; Teacher
Paul Krissel, Deborah Abello, Nina Kulander, Bob Rossi; Racial Justice Organizing Committee

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