Monday, November 14, 2016

What I intend to do - will you join me?

1.  Go to every rally/protest against the racist, woman-hater,
climate-change-denier Trump and against LNG pipelines/terminals and the DAPL,
selling of Elliot Forest and all related anti-Earth and its peoples events.

2.  Go to every rally supporting indigenous peoples, all residents of this
land,  especially children and women, and for protection of our water,
environment and wildlife - - all our relations --- with love and solidarity.

3.  Sign every petition that seeks to preserve Mother Earth and vulnerable
peoples and their/our rights.

4.  Donate as much as possible to organizations that take on the racism/climate
change deniers/attacks on our Mother Earth and our relations.

5.  Like Amy Goodman says, "Go to where there is silence and speak."

6.  Talk online and in person about the above.  Organize.  Go to the streets,
the politicians' offices, the government offices and say what must be said,
peacefully, but relentlessly.

7.  Repeat steps 1-7 intensively for the next 4 years and beyond.

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