Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Salem, Oregon Continues To Organize---Hold January 14 For A Day Of Protest!

Calls for on-going nationwide protests are continuing as we get closer to Trump's inauguration. A meeting held in Salem last night and another meeting held today have confirmed that activists are coming together and looking for ways to unite and join in the national movement and make this real at the local level.

Please hold Saturday, January 14 if you live in the Salem area, and please turn out that day to join in the protest waves. People with gather at the State Capitol at 11:30 AM under the leadership of CAUSA and other local groups to make the peoples' voices heard.

No central slogan or demand has been formulated yet, but this needs to be a disciplined, large and loud event led by CAUSA and affiliated groups and in line with a forward-looking national agenda which brings the peoples' and working-class forces together.  

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