Friday, November 18, 2016

Marion County Dems Met Last Night

I attended the Marion County Democrats meeting for awhile last night and watched the election process. By-laws were voted on and accepted without discussion or, for that matter, copies of the by-laws being available. Speakers had very limited amounts of time to make their points. The crowd was overwhelmingly white and middle-aged or older. At the point when I left it seemed that the establishment candidates were winning, with one notable exception. On the other hand, one of the people elected with a strong showing has questionable credentials and made tightening up on meeting minutes and non-disclosure of party information a winning issue.

An activist who was deeply involved in the Sanders campaign, attended the meeting and ran for a position said, "It went exactly how we thought it would go. We did well with the CD Five and the alternates to the SCC. That gives us the opportunity to get lucky. Also, we were able to force better governance." We're hoping for additional comments.

The Democrats provide a logical political space for people to gather now and organize from, but unless the most progressive forces "get lucky" it would seem that we are hitting a roadblock.

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