Saturday, January 7, 2017

Corvallis To Hold January 20 Protest

Hello friends, community members, activists, social justice and environmental groups, service organizations, people of faith, families and students,

You are invited to join us on Jan 20 for Inaugurate Social & Eco Justice! We are pushing back against the politics of fear and instead wish to convey that 1- we are an inviting, inclusive and welcoming city, 2 - we intend to protect ourselves, our neighbors and our natural environment, and 3 - that we are building the community and the Oregon we want for all. This is an opportunity for us all to find new friends & allies in our community.

Kicking it off at 3pm, students & others march from SEC Plaza on OSU campus to Central Park, join with community members for Rally at 3:30pm, and then march together through downtown, ending at the Waterfront Park. From there, everyone is welcomed to the Odd Fellows Hall for a People's Gathering with hot drinks, snacks and goodies, conversation, networking and planning for the future.

Groups are invited to march with their banners & signs; artists, musicians, performers and activists are invited to bring their imagination and creativity to this collective action; and you are invited to bring your signs, messages, voices, drums, determination, energy, friends, families and allies! We intend our March to be bright, bold, noisy, joyful and powerful!

Below is the Facebook event page:

And an event webpage for those that don't use social media:

Spread the word and join us! May our coming together on Jan 20 be the next step is building a stronger or more resilient community!


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