Thursday, April 6, 2017

A tragedy of the U.S. left in photos

These folks are apparently a loose alliance of Socialist Party and independent socialists and Black Bloc anarchists in Colorado Springs. They got 15-20 people out on a march, took 6 arrests and then figured out that " probably won't happen again the same way because we don't have unlimited funds to pay fines and we don't want to discourage people from joining us."

These folks live in Portugal. They belong to a communist party with a political line. They are deeply involved in the anti-austerity struggle. Their party is a major force on the left and in society:

Which demo would you rather be a part of?

This is a working-class immigrant cultural event in Woodburn sponsored by PCUN:

It was a blast!

A Marion County Democrats meeting

was not so much of a blast.

These folks get intersectionality and class struggle. The Black and Pink people look like people you want to hang out with and join; some of them even bring their dogs along:

These folks maybe not so much:.

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