Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Indefinite Hunger Strike Protester Academic Nuriye Gülmen In Turkey---We Have An Update, We Need International Solidarity

We recently posted about Nuriye Gulmen in Turkey. She has become a symbol of civil disobedience and resistance to political repression under the state of emergency in Turkey. She is just one among more than 7,000 academics who have been sacked by the government with the state of emergency decrees without any proper investigation, but her case has special meaning. News accounts in the U.S. are focused on Trump and Erdogan and on the repression in Turkey, but few accounts give us a clear picture or the proper context to understand what's going on. Briefly put, Turkey's President Erdogan is using a coup attempt by a rival living in the U.S. to crack down on his rival's supporters and, more seriously, on the peoples' movements, unions, radical opposition and democratic Kurdish forces which are the real, genuine, progressive and democratic opposition. Our comrades had nothing to do with the coup or the rivalry between Erdogan and Fethullah Gülen.

It is important for us to support Nuriye Gulmen as a union sister, as an academic, as a radical democrat, as a woman, as a leftist, as a human being entitled to human rights.

Please see the important article about Nuriye Gulman here.

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