Friday, April 28, 2017

Will AT&T workers strike?

A message this morning from the Communication Workers of America, my union, says in part:

This is not a drill. AT&T wireless workers have been fighting for months for a fair union contract that protects good, family-supporting jobs and we're more frustrated than ever. So frustrated, we just took a big step and gave our 72-hour notice to the company that we may walk out at anytime. That means we're one step closer to 21,000 workers in 36 states striking for good jobs.

Today, we're taking our fight straight to AT&T's shareholders at their annual meeting in Dallas. Hundreds protested this morning outside the event and we delivered the petition you and over 67,000 other concerned customers and community members signed.

Will you stand with us again today? Share this on social media to spread the word about our fight.

Last month, 17,000 AT&T landline workers on the West Coast - who've been working without a union contract for over a year now - walked off the job in a one-day strike. Following the news, AT&T's share price fell by 1%.*

We're not afraid to show our power to make sure AT&T stops taking advantage of working people. The company brings in $1 billion a month because of our hard work, but they keep offshoring more of our jobs out of the country and outsourcing operations to low-quality 3rd party dealers where customers regularly complain of deceptive sales practices.

If we strike, we'll let you know how you can help. In the meantime, thank you for your support and please show your support for our fight on social media.

In unity,
Dennis Trainor
Communications Workers of America

This news does indeed need to be shared, and the best source for up-to-date public information is here (Mobility) and here (Wireless press release). It's clear that a strike in the communications industry under Trump could be groundbreaking if it happens. 

An early video from CWA puts the issues in terms that most workers will understand:


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