Sunday, March 19, 2017

Narratives of Resistance: Perspectives on Palestine, Syria, Yemen---Tuesday, Apr. 11, 5pm - 8pm

Tuesday, Apr. 11, 5pm - 8pm:  Narratives of Resistance:  Perspectives on Palestine, Syria, Yemen
OSU Memorial Union Ballroom
A panel of independent journalists Mnar Muhawesh, Abby Martin, and Rania Khalek will discuss conflicts in Palestine, Syria, and Yemen on topics including the role of the US and its media, and resistance efforts in those regions.

Food and refreshments will be provided!
Hosted by:  Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER) at Oregon State University


  1. Since when is the DSA into barrel bombing?

  2. Socialists should not be associated with an event such as this, which will foster the lie that the murderous and oppressive Assad regime is somehow progressive or anti-imperialist.

  3. A fellow named Andrew Pollack apparently has a problem with an event sponsored by SUPER in Corvallis. He organized a few people to send provocative e-mails our way. The complaints are posted because, underneath the misdirected outrage, there may be a point somewhere.

    SUPER is not us and we are not DSA. We are not in Corvallis or at OSU. People with thoughts on this matter should connect with SUPER, not us. I have tried to put Pollack in touch with SUPER. We reposted this from a list of radical events happening in the Mid-Willamette Valley. We frequently repost from that list, even when we disagree with speakers and viewpoints. I don't see a reason to change that policy. Our larger group may, and we'll discuss it. That group includes, but is not limied to, a few DSA members.

    Had Andrew Pollack, Louis Proyect or the fellow signing himself as FRMurph1 looked into things, they would have discovered that we are a diverse group with different ideas, and that I and another member of our group visited the region and did political work there and were engaged for quite awhile in trying to build support for revolutionary Kurdish and Palestinian efforts here. I have never looked at Assad as an ally, and I have actively opposed a pro-Assad line in the US. That said, Assad has been someone Kurds may eventually have to negotiate with. The main enemies are ISIS, Erdogan and the Iranian government.

    So Proyect's deliberately inflammatory comment is misdirected, FRMurph1 gets to shake his finger at us and Pollack gets a star for organizing something. Since we're primarily a local group I'm not sure what, if any, meaning this has to us.

  4. It is not misdirected. As a DSA member I take great issue with the promotion of these speakers.

    1. Let me be clear again: DSA has nothing to do with this forum or the promotion of this forum. If someone told you different, they lied to you.

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