Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Three Important Steps Forward In Oregon---Solidarity needed in Monmouth and Salem

TODAY: The Ethnic Studies Bill and the Reproductive Health Equity Bill 2.0 have hearings today. The Ethnic Studies Bill will be discussed at 3:00 PM at the legislature. Please show up.

MONMOUTH: Monmouth's Inclusivity Resolution: The people pushing for Monmouth's Inclusivity City measure need your support! After two attempts of trying to get this passed, they have made some progress in a previous city council meeting. A motion to discuss a resolution was passed after community members from Monmouth and Western Oregon University gave impactful testimonies and powerful speeches to push this movement forward. The motion that passed was to discuss what a resolution would look like, and city council members will be discussing this on March 21st. A goof turnout is needed at the city council meeting to continue demonstrating the need for this to support our undocumented neighbors at 7:00 pm at 144 South Warren Street in Monmouth. The work session will take place after the meeting at 8:00 pm and friends, allies, and community members are encouraged to attend the work session to keep the pressure on them.

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