Thursday, March 16, 2017

Unite Oregon got it right today: "NO BAN, NO WALL, NO PROFILING!"

Unite Oregon (formerly the Center for Intercultural Organizing and Oregon Action) got it right today in their lobby day and at a rally on State Capitol steps. Today was End Profiling Action Day, a push to win on the End Profiling law (HB2355), Stable Homes (HB2004), Cover All Kids (HB2726) and other social justice bills. Specially impacted community members and allies lobbied and dropped off petitions, and most people rallied in solidarity on the State Capitol building steps. The slogan "NO BAN, NO WALL, NO PROFILING!" is the right one even as Trump's latest ban got struck down in the court.

Unite Oregon hit it by pulling together a cross-generational, cross-cultural and multiracial effort with a strong slogan. Present today were Africans, Latiinos, First Nations people, Anglos, Muslims, Christians and others. We couldn't join in the lobbying---we didn't know that it was happening---but the people most involved seemed to have their act together and a good shared message. It was good that so many people attended from beyond the Willamette Valley and that Causa participated and that labor allies got mentioned. Three legislators spoke, and it was especially good to hear from Representatives Teresa Alonso Leon and Tawna D, Sanchez.

Join Unite Oregon here.

The continuing narrative that "this is a nation of immigrants" and that "everyone came here to do better" omits First Nations peoples and takes slavery out of the country's narrative. We heard a bit of that today, but Representative Sanchez, a First Nations woman, was remarkably strong in her remarks in supporting a pro-immigrant message and helping white people get past their privileges.

This is the best way forward: coalitions and united fronts led by people of color with strong demands and a strategy which pushes us forward against Trump's agenda and which forces liberals into action.
From the Unite Oregon website

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