Friday, May 19, 2017

An important interview with Pedro Sosa

People in the Willamette Valley should read this good interview with Pedro Sosa of the the Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition. Everyone should be familiar with Pedro's great work and should be plugging in to the local projects which have come fropm this work. We need to be better organized! A few churches are way ahead, but we need legal observers, people to do the political work tied to immigrant rights, lawyers and people to grunt work ion the community.

Pedro explains the interview as follows:

A brief information about the work done by AFSC over the last three months in Oregon and Washington, done 35 Know Your Rights workshops in different cities in Oregon and Washington, reaching a thousands of people, 5 workshops on Action Plan for families preparing for before being a victim of a raid, AFSC have supported with training and the implementation of 6 rapid response teams, 4 in Oregon and 2 in Washington. A training of 25 organizers in the State of Oregon to replicate the Know your Rights in their cities, in total we reached more than 1,500 people, the work continue..SI SE PUEDE!!!

Un poco de informacion acerca del trabajo realizado por El Comite de servicios de los Amigos, AFSC en los utimos tres meses en Oregon y Washington, se ha realizado 35 talleres de Conozca sus Derechos en diferentes ciudades en Oregon y Washington con un alcanse de mas de mil personas, 5 talleres sobre Plan de accion para las familias prepararse para antes de ser victima de una redada, AFSC ha apoyado con entrenamiento y la implementacion de 6 equipos de respuesta Comunitaria, 4 en Oregon y 2 en Washington. un entrenamiento a 25 entrenadores de Conozca sus Derechos para replicar el trabajo en el Estado de Oregon, con un alcanze de mas de 1,500 personas, el trabajo continua…SI SE PUEDE!!

Read the interview here.

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