Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"The Border Crossed Us, 1492."

Let's hear what the oppressed people---young people of color, in this case, who are involved with LUS---have to tell society. I know that many people are confused when they see "1492" on signs at demos. Here are real words from real people explaining it:

What does this mean? As immigrants, or children of immigrants, that came from Latin America, we understand that it was out of our control to have "crossed the border." The border crossed us when our anscestors were displaced from their lands by European colonizers, who slowly built walls to separate nations that were never theirs to claim. 1492 was the year the Tainos of the Carribean discovered Christopher Columbus, marking the begining of centuries of oppression for people of color in the Americas. With this, our identities, our languages, customs and generations were wiped out. While we now claim to be Latin American (a label also forced upon us), we have deep remences of our Indigenous roots and our flowing identities. Hense, the border crossed us.

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