Sunday, May 7, 2017

Macron has won in France. This is a defeat for Trump, but the struggle must continue.

Macron has apparently won the vote in France, defeating the far-right candidate backed by leading right-wing forces here in the U.S. We recently offered a valuable explanation of these elections by Cinzia Arruzza. We can say that the defeat of an ultra-right candidate is good news, but a victory for neoliberalism is just that---a victory for those who exploit us, deport us, and develop and enforce conditions of austerity. The most heroic sections of the French working class are not rejoicing in Macron's win; they are preparing instead for a new terrain of struggle.

It may be a good moment for us to learn some French and practice what the CGT union federation puts into practice every day:

Solidarité avec les sans papiers ! Expulsion c'est non ! Régularisation c'est oui !
Solidarity with those without papers! No expulsions! Yes to regularization!

Jeunes, actifs, chômeurs et retraités ensemble on va lutter, ensemble on va gagner !
Youth, actives, unemployed and pensioners, together we'll fight, together we're going to win!

Unis oui, soumis non!
United, yes--submissive, no!

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