Thursday, February 9, 2017

Alternative Radio Has A Program You Need To Hear On Black History, The Black Panther Party, Immigration & Radical Possibilities

"I’m really interested in analyses that go beyond the limitations of the nation state. We tend to think about the nation as the human community that expresses our need to be together with other human beings. But the nation state is a historical invention. Why does it have to be that way? Why do we always have to think about citizenship within the confines of the nation? I would also suggest that we think about movements that allow us to move beyond the assumption that our projects have to be contained within the nation.” – Angela Davis, From Beginnings: Movements of Possibility.

Dear AR Listener,

Ever thoughtful Angela Davis is featured on the next edition of Alternative Radio.
Don’t forget to tune in. Also, below find links to our February broadcasts, along with
listings from our African American History audio archive. With the renewed attention
to U.S. immigration policy, we compiled an “Immigration Education 6-pack” that will
contextualize this international issue.

February Broadcasts

Michelle Alexander – Race & Caste in the U.S.
Michelle Alexander – Incarceration Nation
Amiri Baraka – Real Politics, Real Poetry
Amiri Baraka – Resistance and the Arts
Angela Davis – Transnational Solidarities
Michael Eric Dyson – Malcolm X and the Politics of Race
Camara Phyllis Jones – Race & Health
Manning Marable – By Any Means Necessary: Malcolm X
Keeanga Yamahtta Taylor – Black Lives Matter
Cornel West – On the Road to Freedom
Cornel West – Love & Justice

Kathleen Cleaver – State Repression of Black Panthers
Bobby Seale – The Black Panther Party
Kwame Ture – Black History

David Bacon – Migration & U.S. Policy
Eric Foner – Who Is an American?
Juan González – Harvest of Empire
Sonia Nazario – The Courage of Immigrants
Ray Suárez – The Latino United States

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