Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"Whatever organization you are joining, whatever protest you are joining, whatever organization you are creating, you must do everything in your power to [throw a wrench] in the system, because the system is not working for us. It is working against us. Marching in the streets is powerful when you are doing it in masses. If you feel that you cannot bring thousands of people out, then do something else. Talk to your legislator. Go making sure that everybody is divesting from a specific bank. Whatever target you choose, make sure that you are doing it coordinated with national organizations...It is key for us to identify something that we are passionate about, because this is a long fight. It doesn't end with Trump and it didn't start with Trump. The Obama administration deported close to three million people. Trump is just one-upping him. He is continuing to use the tools that Obama and Bush and Clinton laid out for him. It didn't start on Election Day. It didn't start on Inauguration Day. But, if it started for you that day, then you need to continue and be ready for the long haul...The fight against Arpaio has been a very long one and one in which we have lost an incredible amount of members of our community. It is a fight that has been carried out with multiple angles and different methods of resistance. There have been mass protests with hundreds of people flooding the street. There have been lawsuits that have been filed. There have been divestment campaigns. There have been arrests and civil disobediences. After 10 long years of resistance, we were able to develop a hybrid campaign in which we highlighted the atrocities that he was bringing into our communities, but we were also highlighting the strength and the power in our community. It was both an electoral and a direct action campaign called Bazta Arpaio."---Maria Castro

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