Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Support is building for the March 8 International Women's Strike and the May 1 Day Without Immigrants---Salem is planning a May 1 demonstration

From Democratic Socialists of America (DSA):

As Trump attacks our communities and distracts the public from his actions to empower the billionaire class, Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) has stepped up our self-defense and solidarity work.

DSA endorses and recommends our chapters and members-at-large support two upcoming strikes: the March 8 International Women's Strike and May 1 Un Dia Sin Inmigrantes organized by Cosecha.

Both strikes build relationships with organizations with an anti-capitalist political analysis but a potential mass constituency. Trump’s new immigration policies target 11 million undocumented people in the United States including millions of workers who make our economy run. The economic policies he and the GOP are pursuing will disproportionately harm women and children, and we expect him to restrict abortion and contraception access to satisfy his religious right base.

We encourage DSA groups to reach out to these groups locally to plan for the March 8 International Women's Strike and May 1 Un Dia Sin Inmigrantes organized by Cosecha. I’ll be adding more to our news page as they get closer.

And in the South, DSAers will gather to #OrganizeTheSouth as part of the March on Mississippi!
We're bringing our folks from DSA groups across the South together for a weekend of marching, training, and connecting on March 4th & 5th in Jackson, MS. Members will support workers alongside Bernie Sanders, Rev. William Barber and other movement leaders from the South, plus build democratic socialist community and learn more organizing skills in a regional DSA training. Click here to learn more about the March on Mississippi in solidarity with workers at Nissan.

And as we build up to the Women’s Strike, check out our new Profiles in Socialist Feminismseries. We’re looking for volunteers so we can add more. If you’re interested, you can fill out the form here.

I’m so excited to see DSA local groups stepping up their organizing work across the country. It gives me hope in hard times. And the press has noticed too. You can read about our recent organizing in Rolling Stone (Yes, really!)
Meanwhile, DSA groups are building the multi-racial socialist resistance we need. You can hear more on The Takeaway’s coverage of our New York City chapter's Brooklyn branch. You can find more ongoing coverage of DSA’s national and local work here.

I wanted you to see these. Trump is attacking us on all fronts, and too often establishment Democrats seem incapable of strategic opposition. Our democratic socialist action is more important than ever, and with DSA, you’re part of it. Thank you for everything you do!

DSA also endorsed Keith Ellison earlier this year in his campaign to become the chair of the Democratic National Committee. We wish him luck this weekend.

In solidarity,
Maria Svart, DSA National Director

P.S. I’ll be in touch soon with more DSA organizing tools you can use. But remember that the number of organized local groups is growing every week, so check our Chapter map to see if there's one near you or to start one yourself. Thanks again!

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