Sunday, February 19, 2017

"Movements cannot be left just to the streets. I am very critical of the idea of politics as fomenting a moment of total rupture with the existing status quo. This is not how revolutions work. At some point, mobilizations will lose steam. You cannot change things only on the horizontal level of social movements. You have to develop what Podemos calls 'an electoral war machine.' You need to try to come to real power in the institutions and government. That is the line of Syriza as well....Left-wing populism should see a relationship between the horizontal in the streets and vertical in the institutions. Some people say that the state and parties are corrupt so we only need social movements. Other people think that we only need to win elections and take seats in parliament. Both modes of thinking are wrong. We need an articulation of a 'movement party' with a critical electoral dimension that is linked with the movements but also distinct and independent. But there is always tension between movements and parties."---Chantal Mouffe

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