Tuesday, February 14, 2017

From an interview with José Almudéver Mateu, Spanish Civil War veteran and leftist:

All evil in this world comes from capitalism. Money must disappear in order for the world to become human again. Look at what is happening in Syria. Who sent the jihadists? How have they acquired their weapons? Who has been buying the oil from the oil sites that they occupied? And what will they do with the money that they got from them?

Fascism comes directly out of the decay of capitalism. Here in France with Marine Le Pen. I would not be surprised if she becomes the next president and the French ruling class backs her afterwards. In our next elections, there will be five left-wing candidates standing for the candidacy of the Republic. Five! What kind of socialists are they?

The only one who could possibly fix all of this in France is [the Left Front's] Jean Luc-Mélenchon, while all the others would be happy to serve the government of Le Pen. Unfortunately, the game is stacked against Mélenchon. Why wouldn't the left put its forces together, instead of fighting amongst themselves?

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