Monday, February 20, 2017

Lobby Days And A Rally Mark President's Day In Salem

Photo from Sara Rohrs on Facebook

Public employee unions, immigrant rights organizations, health care advocates and others lobbied and rallied today in  Salem. A noontime rally drew several hundred people and demonstrated a widespread and deep demand for worker justice and immigrant rights and social progress. It was good to see public employee union presidents share the stage with Latino healthcare advocates and people on the frontlines of the struggle against detentions and deportations.

Today's action was part of a national effort and followed a large demonstration for immigrant rights yesterday. Combining the Salem rally today with lobby days and an important healthcare hearing shows our ability to use an inside/outside strategy. The Oregon Education Association did a great job in mobilizing its members and in keeping them pumped up. The Latino organizations correctly put the spotlight on the immediate problem of the detentions and deportations and on long-range goals like healthcare for all.

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