Saturday, June 17, 2017

Emergency Mobilization to defend Oregon's renters in Salem on Tuesday, Noon - 6:00 PM

  • Tuesday at 12 PM - 6 PM
    Oregon State Capitol
    900 Court St NE, Salem, Oregon 


    Oregon's renters are in grave DANGER of being betrayed by state Democrats, who are taking landlord lobby money in exchange for opposing real and desparately needed solutions to the housing crisis.

    The legislative session ends soon, and devestating cuts have already been made to HB 2004 which leave remove critical protections and create huge loopholes for others: the provision that would have made rent stabilization legal has been removed, while the provision that makes no-cause evictions illegal is loophole-ridden.

    This bill should protect ALL tenants, not offer generous loopholes to landlords! Without BOLD AND DECISIVE ACTION, Oregon's rent crisis will continue to push families into poverty and into homelesness.

    ✪ We DEMAND that Democrats take REAL action on the housing crisis, by either restoring HB 2004 to its originally-written version, and/or limiting rent increases be to 3% statewide!
    (House Speaker Tina Kotek proposed 5%).

    Join us in Salem to demand that lawmakers offer REAL solutions to renters: we will not settle for fake solutions to a devastating housing crisis. Tenants are voters too, and politicians must be accountable to the many, not the few.

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