Thursday, June 22, 2017

Please call Congressman Greg Walden at (202)-225-6730 or (541)-389-4408

and say: You asked, we answered: Medicare for all!

I'm calling to urge Mr. Walden to rethink his devotion to party and to the money from his corporate sponsors in order to once again be useful to his constituents in District 2. I understand that from his point of view this is a lot to ask. Money and power are huge rewards, whereas the needs of ordinary people are more easily ignored.

When Mr. Walden asked at several recent town halls who approves of a single payer Medicare for all health system, there have been wild cheers and applause and approval. Why is this!?? Certainly he understands it's because all of us here in the district, in fact in the country, need healthcare. Healthcare without price gouging, healthcare without gender discrimination, healthcare without regard to pre-existing conditions, healthcare actually for all people.

A single-payer Medicare-for-all types of health system would not produce tax breaks for the wealthy, or generous corporate donations. But if Mr. Walden has the least bit of interest in doing what is needed and wanted in terms of healthcare by his constituents in district 2, he should make good on the messages he has gotten from his town halls - Give us a single payer Medicare-for-all type health system!

Mr. Walden is responsible for getting us into the AHCA mess that we have now. He does have an opportunity though to try to create something other than a tax-break-for-the-rich legacy by coming out in support of the healthcare-for-all movement and bills today.

--Taken from Gorge Resisters, a great group in the Gorge doing the kind of vital organizing work that is needed everywhere.


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