Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Statesman Journal says, "Salem-Keizer students will see larger classes and smaller staffs next year, but also a new, district-wide fiber optic system and more career technical instruction. The Salem-Keizer School Board unanimously adopted a 2017-2018 budget Tuesday evening totaling $683 million. Taxpayers can expect the $4.52 per $1,000 assessed value property tax to continue for the 2017-2018 year. To bridge an anticipated gap in state funding, the district's budget calls for $4 million in net cuts. The cuts will be felt in the removal of nearly 70 full-time equivalent positions, a reduction of resources for programs aiding students living in poverty and increased class sizes, especially at the middle school level, to name a few. District officials said employees losing their positions will be placed in other positions before the start of the new year. The budget also outlines $5.2 million of additions going toward career technical education courses, elementary literacy programs and more. The Career Technical Education Center in Salem is already anticipating two new courses in the fall — a drone technology and robotics course and auto body repair and painting." Translation: Our community loses.

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