Monday, June 26, 2017

"When you have a movement which is too dominated by white men who talk too much, who aren’t sensitive to issues of race and so on, you’re not going to change it by telling people to check their privilege—you’re going to change it by transforming the composition of the group, reaching people in neighborhoods and communities outside of your own social circle, and building alliances with other organizations. That has a much more powerful effect in changing people’s attitudes and behaviors than simply making some kind of snide comment. I think that while underneath the statement “Check your privilege” there may be a very real grievance, it’s a completely ineffective statement because it’s not one that actually lays out a program to change the political situation."

Quoted from a Q&A with Asad Haider, founding editor and member of the “militant research collective” Viewpoint Magazine, on talking about politics which is not about a social structure, but the recognition of an individual or a particular group’s identity, and the fracturing of the the left, in Seattle Weekly. Read the entire article here.

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