Thursday, June 8, 2017

Support the workers at StoryCorps who are trying to win their union election!

You have probably heard StoryCorps' work on the radio. They record, archive and share people’s heartfelt personal stories with the goal of a more connected, just, and compassionate world.

But a week ago, the workers at StoryCorps in New York City filed for a union election to join the Communications Workers of America, and instead of embracing their values and listening to the voices of their workers, management has gone full anti-union. Workers have been forced to attend captive audience meetings and listen to anti-union lectures aimed at preventing them from exercising their right to organize and demand a voice on the job.
We expect more from a progressive organization with a mission like StoryCorps. Support the working people who are trying to join our union. Email the CEO and founder of StoryCorps and tell them to stop the union busting and allow workers to exercise their right to organize.

StoryCorps workers want a voice on the job and a say in their working conditions. Anti-union captive audience meetings should not be something any worker has to endure to exercise their rights on the job - especially not at an organization that claims to have a work environment "where respect and dignity are paramount."

Please take a stand with working people fighting for a voice on the job. Click here to send a letter.

Thank you,
Dennis Trainor
CWA District 1 Vice President

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