Saturday, February 4, 2017

"In earlier economic crises - Great Depression in the 1930s and stagflation in mid-1970s - a new economic regime, each with its unique set of institutions, rules, laws, rationalizing ideas, alignment of class and social forces, etc. - replaced the preceding regime that triggered the system wide crisis. Moreover, in each case it happened in the course of the aggravation of and a sharp turn in class and democratic struggles...In the crisis of 2008, by contrast, the neoliberal, financialist, globalist regime wasn't replaced by an alternative regime. Even though it had lost a good deal of its legitimacy, the effective forces didn't exist to replace it with a popular democratic alternative at the time or since then...What Trump will offer now isn't entirely clear. But a few things we can count on. It won't address the crisis that millions and the planet are facing. Nor will it bring corporate capital to its knees. And it will be heavily wrapped in a demagogic language - nationalist, protectionist, anti-Wall Street, America First - and contain a morsel of substance to appeal to his white working-class supporters and a section of the trade union movement. Without them his coalition and presidency becomes very tenuous."---Sam Webb

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