Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Send in your comments about the Dakota Access Pipeline AND please join the rally in Salem on Saturday at 11:00 AM starting at the Wells Fargo bank downtown


Don't let Donald Trump subvert the Dakota Access Pipeline Environmental Impact Statement. Please submit a comment now. This is the scoping phase that will define whatbl the EIS will evaluate.  The message below from has a comment that can be sent as is or modified. It calls for a comprehensive EIS.

From with link to comment form:

Donald Trump and Big Oil are trying to exempt the Dakota Access pipeline from a full environmental review.

On his second day in office Trump wrote a memo declaring that the Dakota Access Pipeline is in the national interest, and that the Army Corps should consider scrapping environmental review in order to approve it. Then yesterday, the Acting Secretary of the Army directed the Army Corps to comply with Trump's memo. This permit could be granted any day now, and construction could resume. 

Now is not the time to back down.
Thanks to the courageous opposition of Indigenous communities, the project was halted for a full review last fall. Every comment submitted in support of the review builds the legal case against Trump's reckless attempt to fast-track the pipeline.

The deadline for review is February 20th. Submit your comment now and stand up to Trump's pipeline plan.

The 1,168-mile Dakota Access Pipeline, if completed, would carry 450,000 barrels of fracked oil every day through four states, cutting through communities, farms, sensitive natural areas, wildlife habitat, and tribal lands like the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's ancestral lands. It would also cross under the Missouri River just upstream of the Tribe's drinking water supply, where a spill would mean a serious threat to the Tribe's health, culture, and way of life.

It should not be approved, and defending the Environmental Impact Statement is the next crucial step in that direction.

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