Thursday, February 2, 2017

"How do I join Oregon Socialist Renewal?"

Members of Oregon Socialist Renewal are now required by our central committee to have an appropriate tattoo. Here is an example of what we consider "appropriate." This example was found at Badass Marxist Feminist.

We are not really a membership organization. We're more like a coffee club. We meet monthly, do projects and keep a "big tent" approach to things most of the time. There are no dues, there is not a single political line, there are no officers and leaders. We're most active in the kind of efforts you read about here on this blog. If you're doing local political work or have radical political and cultural interests, please show up and work with us.

If you're more about sticking your toe in the water than going for a swim, connect with us for coffee or tea. We will be happy to meet and talk.

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