Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Why the ‘Pro-Immigrant’ Super Bowl Ads Were Really Fascist Propaganda---An Important Opinion Piece From G1 of Rebel Diaz

"On Super Bowl Sunday, in between watching my infant baby girl and eating some leftover arroz con pollo, I watched Patriotism make a comeback. (Alright, that’s a funky way of saying I had a low-key dad-life sober Super Bowl party, where I witnessed a crazy come-from-behind victory by a team whose very name speaks to our eroding freedoms and rising fascism here in the good ol’ US of A. The Patriots.)

Who’s a Patriot and what is Patriotism’s role in a decaying empire? From Tom Brady’s MAGA hat, to Bill Belichick’s and Robert Kraft’s Trumpian donations, to the Hamilton ladies reppin’ for the sistas during America the Beautiful, to Lady Gaga’s not-quite-subversive-enough rendition of “This Land is Your Land,” to the white-bread conservative Patriots stealing the electoral vote from the multicultural liberal Falcons, Super Bowl LI had all the juicy political subplots barely buried beneath the surface of what was actually an exciting game of gringo football.

But you can’t be a Patriot without buying some good ol’ American-made products.

So the million-dollar advertisements in between downs made sure to drive home the Patriotic messages the game and its halftime show couldn’t.

Coca-Cola reheated its Kumbaya for KillerCoke lukewarming ad of multicultural representation, which initially debuted to controversy three years ago during Super XLVIII. But new commercials by Budweiser and 84 Lumber tackling the issue of immigration stole the show of what is Gringolandia’s biggest annual orgy of Edward Bernays’ agitprop sandwiched inside a Super Big Mac of gladiator violence. These two commercials’ seemingly pro-immigrant imagery hid a more sinister message of Trumpian fascism and celebration of white nationalist capitalism."

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